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COVID-19 Update


Hello Everyone,


ZUMO is open for business 7AM Tuesday. Rock on up to our robot, ZUMO 1, to place your order on a walk up basis. Sorry – We are unable to accept cash payments. We will do our best to entertain you through the large glass doors. Our beverage ordering website is now live. If you have ordered beans online or used our text ordering, your account is all set, as the bean ordering and coffee beverage ordering systems are integrated; so your login credentials are the same. If you have a ZUMO Card and supplied your email and mobile number in the past, text ‘PAIR’ to the ZUMO text line 022 548 7402 to pair your mobile or check your pairing status. Remember that the ZUMO text line is fully automated and is unmonitored by a human. You very likely have an online account if you supplied your details in the past. If you are uncertain, try resetting your password.


Not a member? You can also order beverages online with our super easy, guest checkout.


Walkup Ordering with the ZUMO robot, ZUMO 1