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Member Kiosk setup is the gateway to many cool features

Grab your ZUMO CARD and go to a ZUMO Member Kiosk

Follow the adjacent slides to setup the Member Kiosk and optionally setup your favourites for kiosk and text ordering.

Text your Order

Place your order and pick up your coffee!

Fully automated! No passwords! Order placement with a two character text message!

To get started -

    Sign up for ZUMO membership

    Use your ZUMO Card for your favourite drink(s)

    Follow the adjacent slides to setup the Member Kiosk

Top Up Your Account

Top up your account at the till, online, or via text message -

   Top Up Your Account Online

   Top Up via Text Message!

Member Kiosk

Slide your ZUMO CARD at a Member Kiosk to begin the setup process

Kiosk Setup - Rapid Registration

Enter Contact Details.

NOTE that inactive sessions are logged out automatically.

Remember to Press



Kiosk Setup

Your name should appear at the top.

To set up favourites press

Edit Favourites


Kiosk Setup

Your favourites are initialised to your top orders.

Proceed to the next slide.

Kiosk Setup

Enter descriptions that mean something to you.

Your descriptions DO NOT display on our screens or print.

Optionally press

Review Order

to review the order detail.

Remember to press

Kiosk Setup

The final step is loading money on to your card and you are set to order via the Member Kiosk!

Take Away Identifies the order as takeaway.  Here Identifies the order as "for here."  Press to toggle between the two.

Order with Confirmation Place order with confirmation.  Place Order without Confirmation and Log Off Place order without confirmation and log off.

Select From All Your Favourites Select from all your favourites.