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Small Town Nelson

Over the years, a popular barista leaves the ZUMO Nelson store and folks ask what happened?  At the extreme we get "What did YOU do?"  or even "How Could You?"  After all, in small town Nelson a popular barista is unable to make it through the grocery store without seeing several regular patrons.  Naturally, we are unable to disclose private information.  After many years of experience in Nelson we are able to communicate a few truths for the benefit of our people and our customers.


No matter how popular you are, you STILL have to consistently follow our policies and procedures, meet our performance criteria, and avoid making unreasonable demands.  This was true in 2009, today, and tomorrow.


Very few, if any, are going to disclose performance as a reason for separation. If you hear a remarkable story, please share it with us.


The reality is that anyone working for ZUMO for over one year can easily receive multiple job offers within a few days, and likely without a trial. Our people are frequently approached with employment opportunities.


We pay more because we expect more


Our HR (human resources) administration is very consistent with a properly run company


We look to hire interesting people.  Young, interesting people are likely to explore different jobs and/or new geographical locations.


Most of the people that have separated from ZUMO are not at their next job


At least 80% of the CVs that we receive lack work experience of at least one year duration, for a single employer


Since opening in 2009 our commitment to great coffee, outstanding customer service, and great atmosphere is enduring