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Account Top Up / Autoload

Account Top Up

To use one of the automated top up features you need to be set up Online or set up using Direct Debit.


If you are already using text ordering, setup is easy.  If you never logged into your account online or forgot your password, you can click HERE to reset your password.  Proceed to ONLINE SETUP below.

Set up text ordering

To set up text ordering tap Here on your smart phone to determine your current registration / mobile pairing status.  If the system responds with confirmation then your mobile is paired and your online account is available.  If your details are in our system and your mobile is currently unpaired, the system will respond with a request to pair your mobile with your member account.  You can click HERE to reset your password if you never logged in or have forgotten your password.  If your details are not on our system, you should pop into ZUMO and simply swipe your ZUMO Card at the ZUMO Kiosk to enter your email address and mobile number.  The system should set you up from there.  If you are a current ZUMO Member, we recommend against setting up a new online account directly as it leads to system confusion.  If you need help send an email to Website Support.

Online Setup

Once you are logged on navigate to Credit Card and enter your details.  Using technology magic, your credit card details are not stored on any ZUMO servers.  Unlike most other companies, ZUMO has never sent out any direct marketing material since opening in 2009.

Account Top Up Commands

To top up your account via text, tap one of the following commands on your smart phone -


T20     ($20)

T30     ($30)

T50     ($50)

T75     ($75)

T100     ($100)

T150     ($150)

T200     ($200)


Our system will email account top up receipts to you.  You can view your orders Online .



Once Account Top Up is set up it is super easy to configure autoload by using the commands below on your smart phone. How does it work - When your credit balance drops below the configured amount, an order is automatically generated (Text Orders - Immediate; Store Purchases - end of day) to top up your account with the configured amount. Note that you can still top up manually.


AUTO     Current Autoload Status

AUTOOFF     Inactivate Auto Reload

AUTO20     Auto Reload $20

AUTO30     Auto Reload $30

AUTO50     Auto Reload $50

AUTO75     Auto Reload $75

AUTO100     Auto Reload $100

AUTO150     Auto Reload $150

AUTO200     Auto Reload $200