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ZUMO's Approach to Waste

We ALL make numerous decisions every day regarding our waste generation.  ZUMO advocates a balanced view.  The mum with a takeaway cup may be using natural nappies or buying grocery items in bulk or avoiding disposable child novelty toys.  Through various recycling and conservation practices, ZUMO is now down to two, small wheelie bins (roughly two households) of non-recycled waste per week.  This covers roasting, wholesale, retail, and the administration office.  In 2012 we filled two giant skips per week requiring a front loader rubbish truck.  We continue to look for measurable waste reduction and our next waste reduction milestone is one small wheelie bin per week.

ZUMO Wheelie Bins

Our non-recycled waste stream is now down to two wheelie bins per week

In House Designed Rinser for Rapid Recycling

In House Designed Rinser for Rapid Recycling ~ July 2013

ZUMO Box Manufacture

Recycling food packaging into shipper boxes ~ February 2018

ZUMO Recycling Bins

Our Recycling Bins

Recycling Coffee Grounds

Recycling coffee grounds since 2009 (Big Thanks to Zack!)

Recycling Newspapers

Recycling Newspapers