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youth recruitment 2018


ZUMO periodically (typically late winter, early spring) recruits from amongst the best and brightest youth.  Whilst the program requires significant resources to maintain, our lives are enriched by the youthful energy and collective experiences.  A few from our youth team have moved into other roles and/or work at our Wellington store while attending university.  ZUMO seeks to promote from within and values the experience and capability of our high performers.


A new recruit's first impression is likely an appreciation for the intensity.  What appears simple enough is far from it!  The capability requirements of serving hundreds of customers at the ZUMO standard is achievable by a subset of the population.  Youths that achieve our capability standard benefit from the experience.


Watch for our next recruitment drive and participate.  The interview process by itself is a learning experience.  Youths with customer service and POS (point of sale) system experience are welcome to submit their CV along with a photo to

Cissie Barron

When I first started working at ZUMO I was 13 years old, nervous at the prospect of a new job. This year I am turning 21, and it is safe to say I have truly been a part of this family business, growing up alongside it. There has been, of course, lows - who could forget 6:30am starts. Being  a 'coffee teetotaller' until the ripe old age of 19, there was not even the prospect of caffeine to fuel these early mornings! Through ZUMO I have attended weddings, baby showers, xmas dinner parties and even bowling nights. Like a true family, there have been people supporting and teaching me - even more than just how to make a mean cup of coffee! And also like a family, I know that I would always jump at the chance to help out when needed and the extended family (customers and more) wouldn't hesitate to do the same for me.  ~ Cissie Barron

Paddy Gerard

What is it like working for ZUMO?

ZUMO is a vibrant and exciting place to work. There is always a positive energy behind the bar and customers love our coffee.

You get to meet so many new people; you will even come to know many of the regulars although you may only think of them as the “trim cappuccino lady.”

People will recognise you around town and say- “oh, aren’t you that cute guy from Zumo?”

You’ll get to serve all kinds of people- your teachers, lecturers, friends, politicians and police officers. It’s always interesting to see who walks through the doors, and as long as they get their coffee they’ll appreciate you for it.

You will learn far more about coffee than you could ever imagine, and whether or not you like drinking it, you will come to appreciate a good coffee.

Coffee has such a significant cultural value. It’s a great experience to be part of and the skills you’ll pick up are important in any profession. ~ Paddy Gerard

Liz Reich

Working for Zumo has personally been a great experience for me. I have worked for other businesses in the past where being an employee felt far removed from those who make the big decisions, but I have always felt that any new ideas or thoughts I had at Zumo were actually valued and listened to. It is a workplace where you get to know other staff members and the owners on a personal level and where there are also a lot of opportunities to expand yourself.  I have been able to work in many areas of the company and have therefore learned diverse, invaluable skills about people and business that I would have never thought about when I first started. Above all working for Zumo is a lot of fun, there is always great banter, and of course great coffee! ~ Liz Reich

Youth Team Meeting

Youth Team Meeting

Graduation Gift

A graduation gift (of sorts)